I'm Just Bad at Math! 

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The Story

Lucy thinks her brain is broken- she is and has always been, "bad" at math. It doesn't help when her new teacher, Mr. Stephens gives the class a dreaded timed test. Her best friend, Theodore, is great at math but Lucy's past "math traumas" always seem to get the best of her.

Lucy's ideas about herself start to change with the help of her teacher and a chihuahua named Nacho. Lucy even ends up sharing her newfound confidence with her mom (who also shares the "bad math gene").

This 54-page book has four chapters that will take readers on a relatable journey through math learning and anxiety. Ultimately, children will take away the message that math is not black and white. Math requires creative and flexible thinkers, and it can even be fun! 

The Inspiration 

If a child takes longer and needs to draw out a picture to solve a problem, or struggles to memorize math facts, he or she is considered to be a lower level math student. That message is internalized by the child whether parents or teachers know it, and research shows that the effects are long-lasting and detrimental. There is a wide gap in books that accurately portray what a child with math anxiety is experiencing... until now. 

Growing up, author, Allison Gray experienced many math traumas, but she didn't realize this until she became a teacher and could see herself in her students' eyes. "I can vividly pinpoint times in my own schooling that scarred me as a math student. These moments drastically hindered my confidence as a learner throughout school and followed me into adulthood. When I see my students struggling in my classroom, I am desperate to help them understand that it is okay." Allison wants children to understand that the struggle is part of the process and that they are not alone. 

Allison explains, "I wrote this book based on my own experiences in math and the experiences I notice through the eyes of my students, but then added examples of what I wished I would have experienced instead."