Bundle Three: I'm Just Bad at Math! (3 Books)

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Do you have three nieces and/or nephews that need this message? How about three little ones or grandbabies in your life? Or three groups of students in your classroom? Save big time with this bundle.

About the book:

Lucy thinks her brain is broken because she’s always been “bad” at math. And when her teacher gives the class a dreaded timed math test, her brain freezes up!

Can a promise and a scruffy chihuahua named Nacho help Lucy change her mindset?

This story helps children realize that people aren’t “good” or “bad” at math, and it helps them learn to change their mindset by viewing things from a new perspective.

Book Specs:

  • 54 Pages
  • 4 Chapters
  • Signed by the Author- First Edition
  • Traditionally Illustrated
  • Turn the pages for animated page numbers
  • Ages 5-100
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