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Behind the Scenes- Official FIRST POST!

Hello to my followers and subscribers!

Let me first start by saying how grateful I am to you for all of your support. By subscribing to my page you are helping my pursue my passions and you have no idea how appreciative I am.

I am going to be blogging now and then about different things going on with the book in order to keep you updated. @Andra's Illustrations (Andra Pana) is hard at work sketching the first draft of the entire book! I am expecting them to be sent to me within the next day or so. I will share those as SOON as I can. I am pumped beyond belief!

The one image that is floating around on all of the pages is the banner for my book (not the cover). Andra is an amazing illustrator to work with and thought that it would be something that would help engage with the audience and garner subscribers-- and boy, was she right!

This is a behind the scenes look at how it was made, sketching first using a light box:

Andra is a traditionally trained artist, and I jumped at the idea of her using watercolors (aka GORGEOUS-NESS)- this is the first layer of color:

Here is a video of how it was created- on average it takes twenty hours to create a final product for one page-- how crazy is that?!

And....... the final product!

She is amazing. I am so happy to work with Andra and love how she collaborates with me.

What's next?

- Sketches for the entire book

- Giveaway for the holidays (if you are a subscriber, you are already entered if you have liked and shared my FB page- stay tuned for more information about that)

- Interview on a podcast in December

Happy Sunday to all!

- Allison Gray

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