• Allison Gray

Behind These Butterfly Sunglasses

Behind these butterfly sunglasses is an emotional rollercoaster.

Just an hour earlier she was melting down over a broken toy. She fights with her brother all day long. Talks to me in a tone that is sharper than ever before.

As an educator, I believe behavior is a form of communication and her switch in behavior worries me. I feel a switch inside as well and it is hard to pinpoint.

So she talked to me and I listened. It’s not about the toys or her brother or me. It’s about her friends, her family, her school. She misses how things used to be. She wants it back.

I don’t know what to tell her besides to keep talking to me about her feelings. I don’t want her keeping them inside and exploding all the time.

Behind these butterfly sunglasses is an emotional rollercoaster that is

ready to be done with all of this.

Buckle up. I think we are just starting this ride. But I am hopeful that things will be better than they were before when all is said and done.

<3 Allison

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