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Education and the Pandemic: Where are we going to end up?

Things I am grateful for: health, jobs, home, food, family

This list is something that shines brightly the basic needs of humans. If this pandemic has taught me anything, it has set some priorities straight and brought humility to the forefront.

I teach sixth grade (virtually at the moment) and also have a kindergartener and an almost two-year-old. The balance of these worlds was previously insane but trying to balance all of them while staying inside a house during a pandemic is a different level! But we are hanging on.

Now, educators and our children across the country are facing a new challenge and I am worried that we can't hang on for much longer. Major budget cuts. In Michigan, we are seeing 10-30% cut. "A 25 percent cut is the equivalent of a loss of about $2,000 from the roughly $8,000 schools received per enrolled student this year." (

That is absolutely crippling. Putting my job security aside (because that is about 1/3 of teaching staff cut if nothing changes), I am feeling devastated for my children. For our children. Our society did not invest in education before and the pandemic reveals the crumbling foundation beneath our schools. I pray it's not too late. Over the next month or so, we will see what happens.

The pandemic doesn't create systemic inequalities, it simply reveals them.

Why isn't education of our young people one of the highest (if not THE highest) items on our list of priorities? We have to recognize that the order of items on our nation's priority list are out of whack and have been for a long while. Sadly, this fall out is not a surprise.

What is more important than our nation's future? What can we do together to help OUR children. Because they are all of our children. Educators have been working tirelessly to get creative and try to reach and support all children during this time.

We have to do something. -->

Where are we going to end up... help educators lead the way.

<3 Allison (proud educator and parent)

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