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Meet Abby Zaitley! Holiday Giveaway is warming up...

Abby Zaitley- (children's author, woodworker, mother) is nothing short of a "jack of all trades". Abby's mission is to "infuse beauty into anything I create" she shares.

"2 tall dorks and a baby living their best matchy (and crafty!) lives" reads in Abby's IG description. Abby is one of those authors that just "gets it", and that shines through in her stories and craftsmanship.

Her mission and philosophy are clear to see in her children's book, I Like Me and I Love Me. Her heartwarming and gorgeous book contains irresistible, engaging rhymes that my five-year-old daughter enjoyed following along with.

This children's book is for anyone who can relate to being quirky and is working towards acceptance and pride in that identity (I raise my hand!).

Abby's book examines conventional and non-conventional ways of being proud and accepting yourself shown through beautiful watercolor images and rhyming text.

Not only is Abby a published children's author, but she is an extremely talented woodworker. See some of her unique pieces here.

One of the best parts of this self-publishing journey has been the connections I have made so far. Abby is so enthusiastic about collaborating with the authors and illustrator in this giveaway, and I cannot wait to find out who will win a copy of her book!

Here are some links to find out more about the wonderful and talented, Abby Zaitley:


Etsy Shop

Amazon Link to purchase book

You can find Abby on Instagram @talldorkandmatching

<3 Allison

Who will the next featured author be for our Holiday Giveaway? To be continued...

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