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Meet Esther Pia Cordova- Growth Mindset Guru

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

"When children say 'I can't do that', I add the word, 'yet'." Esther Pia Cordova is on a mission to change mindsets around the world.

Esther believes that this simple concept will help children to overcome their fears and strive to learn as much as they can in life.

Esther's mission is extremely similar to what I intend to accomplish with my book. I was so excited to collaborate with her and learn more about what makes her writing so empowering.

Esther is the founder of, The Power of Yet. Her website is FILLED with resources to support this philosophy. My teacher-mommy heart was so excited to see how many awesome resources there were available on her site. I definitely encourage you to check it out.

I wondered about the "why" behind Esther's literary focus. For me, I experienced such challenges in my schooling in regards to not feeling smart enough or quick enough, and I recognize these feelings EVERY DAY in my students. For Esther, the power of YET came to light through her experience in a Coding Boot Camp! After moving to Boston, she looked to garner more skills in the field of programming. Many times she wanted to give up. "We were never allowed to say “I can’t do that” – We always needed to add the little and powerful word YET to it." This was the lightbulb moment! She knew that tiny word would have helped her immensely as a child and she made a career move into spreading that message for little ones.

Esther has created a SERIES of books to support the cultivation of a growth mindset. Personally, I am inspired by and in awe of this author. I plan on scaling my message in such a way as well.

A World Without Failures is one of the books in the series featured above. It is a book about a boy who hates making mistakes. Whenever something doesn't work at first try he wants to give up. Until his dream of a world without failures comes true. ¨The book will highlight how failures are actually a good thing and how important mistakes are for successful learning," Esther shares.

Is that not what we all want for our children? I want a world filled with humans that aren't stuck on their failures but instead look at closed doors as opportunities to find a new direction to head towards. This Esther Pia Cordova is onto something great.

The growth mindset philosophy is backed by research and it is SO important in helping children succeed. In a study performed by Baer, Grant, and Dweck (2005), students in the fixed mindset had higher levels of depression because they ruminated over problems and setbacks. In education, we talk about creating mindful children with a growth mindset.

Esther's books are treasures that children will see themselves in. By reading together, a conversation opens up to allow parents and teachers to connect with children on their level.

The latest book Esther has written is called Your Thoughts Matter.

What's it about? "Your child’s mindset matters, more than they realize. You can read this book together to help them understand the power of a growth mindset."

Told in an engaging way that brings clarity to the subject of mindset, ‘Your Thoughts Matter’ gives concrete examples of what different mindsets sound like in our heads."

This book has been so generously added to our HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY! I cannot wait to find out who the lucky winner will be.

To learn more about Esther Pia Cordova and the Power of Yet, you can visit the following sites:


Facebook Page

Power of Yet Website


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