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Now Featuring...Aditi Wardhan Singh- Founder of Raising World Children Publishing

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Aditi Wardhan Singh is passionate about instilling in children a growth mindset that is culturally aware.

The power of "Yet!" with culture as a lens. Genius.

This inspirational and innovative woman founded an in print and online publication in 2016. Raising World Children Publishing (RWC) provides resources to parents around the world. Their mission is to support parents to empower their children with a growth mindset that is culturally aware of the world and its ever-evolving nature.

Aditi's mission statement is fascinating in the sense that so many teachers are constantly stressing the importance of a growth mindset. The tools provided through RWC extend that learning to also reflect on one's cultural awareness. The community that I teach in would thrive by adopting this addition to a growth mindset.

The RWC resource provides parents encouragement to enjoy the journey and attain fulfillment with tried and tested parenting techniques. With talking points, stories and strategies, Aditi's goal is to help parents be more mindful on their path to raising confident, culturally rooted citizens of the world. is a publication that has 100+ contributors releasing at least three empowering articles every week. They are one of the leading resources in multicultural parenting and offer their readers a variety of free resources.

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As the Raising World Children's online publication continued to grow, Aditi's successful message moved into print in January 2019. Strong Roots Have No Fear has won numerous awards and has been an Amazon Best Seller multiple times!

As a budding author myself, Aditi has been truly an inspiration. She works so hard to collaborate and make connections with others that would benefit the community she serves. Raising World Children Facebook account features countless interviews covering extremely important, and sometimes controversial, topics. Currently, Aditi is featuring a 12 Days of Empowerment series and I am excited (and humbled) to have been asked to co-host in it! Follow her page to check it out- released in the next couple of weeks :).

Who will win the Holiday Giveaway bundle that includes this fabulous book? Will it be you?! I can't wait until my copy comes so I can support my students and children to develop their "Yet!" while also being culturally aware.

To learn more about Aditi Wardhan Singh and Raising World Children follow the links below:





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