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SUPER.....Kristen Perhach! Author of Super Soren- "The magical adventures of an underdog."

I am so excited to introduce our third author in the Holiday Giveaway!


Lover of all magical and whimsical things

Kristen Perhach is the creative genius behind Super Soren.

Her book embodies the spirit of childhood empowerment. Its breathtaking message and colorful illustrations bring this magical story to life.

Kristen launched her first book by way of Kickstarter (which is a HUGE undertaking)- She describes the WHY behind the book:

"When I had my daughter Soren, I was disheartened to see a lack of strong, smart, and believable female heroes for young girls. In late 2015, I saw a girl with what looked like a pink cape. Upon closer look, it was clear that it was a pink sweater tied around her neck...not a cape after all. 

I felt so very defeated. I finally admitted that this hero didn't exist. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could create her.  But, there was a problem: Creating a hero for girls only would not address half of the population! If I wanted to create change, I'd need to develop a female hero that young girls AND boys alike could relate to. From an early age, both boys and girls should see that strong, brave girls are the norm - and not the exception. 

Soren is a hero for young girls and boys. Let's make brave, strong girls the norm. Let's celebrate resiliency and honor who we truly are." 

OKAY-- What's not to love?! This one is for sure on the Christmas list to read to both my son and daughter. These are the kinds of attributes I want my children to see in the books they read.

Kristen eats, breathes, sleeps and dreams all things, Super Soren! When she is not writing, Kristen enjoys spending with her two children, Soren and Fitz, her amazing husband, Steve, and their dog, Ollie. This woman is one to watch out for! Not only is her writing and imagination inspiring, but she also holds an undergrad degree from Purdue and her MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

About the book:

Girls and boys alike will find their own inner-strength and delight in the magic all around with a brave, relatable, underdog named Soren. Soren's an outsider who grows in confidence and courage on a whimsical adventure.

Soren's life takes an unexpected turn when she spots a small red door in an ancient tree. She glimpses a tiny figure who leaves her a letter with a special message, transforming her into Super Soren. Adults and kids alike will root for Soren as she becomes stronger and more empowered!

Keep an eye out for the start of the Holiday Giveaway. One lucky winner will claim this masterpiece along with the others at the end!

While you are waiting for the festivities to start, check out Kristen Perhach and her whimsy at the following links:

Super Soren Website

Amazon Link to Purchase


Facebook Page

<3 Allison

Who will the next featured author be for our Holiday Giveaway? To be continued...

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