• Allison Gray

Teacher by day, reflector by night.

Teacher by day, reflector by night.

It's funny how my job during the day is to teach students reading, writing, and social studies. But truly, my goal is not only to teach the standards (since you can google anything nowadays) but to empower and inspire each child every day.

I want every child I meet to feel seen, heard, respected, cared for, empowered and inspired. We are a community of learners and we need each other to be successful.

This is true in the classroom and out. When I work with my colleagues and have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers and leaders in the district, things start to happen. Exciting things start to happen that would have either not happened or taken a much longer time to happen if done solo.

In my writing community that I have been working hard to build virtually, I have been SO inspired by the people that I have come across. Diane Alber Mendell just put out a video in a Children's Author and Illustrator Facebook group about branding. Talk about inspiring. There are enough hours in the day, it is about using them wisely. I am passionate about spreading an empowering and inspiring message to children, but to actually be successful at this I need to consistently work towards this.

I am learning and trying different things all of the time. I ask this of my students every day.

I am taking a lot of risks. Just like I pray and hope my students do.

I am genuinely nervous that I am going to fail. As are so many of my kids.

Am I working towards my goals? Yes. Am I going to regret that I didn't try? Absolutely not.

Teacher by day, reflector by night.

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