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The Artistry of Andra Pana- Author and Illustrator

"I'm a child wandering through the magic land of colors, art teacher for little kids, professional artist, children's book illustrator, and enthusiastic cat lover." - Andra Pana

This incredible woman is an endless fountain of talent and heart. Andra is a published author and illustrator who pours her artistic talents and skills into everything she touches.

I am SO incredibly grateful to be collaborating with Andra on my book, I'm Just Bad At Math! Her creativity and imagination will be bringing my book to places that I could not have envisioned. I connected with Andra after I saw the illustrations on Lindsay Achtman's I Hope It's A Puppy! Lindsay was featured in a previous blog post, and her book is included in the giveaway.

Andra was born in Romania, and even though the landscape there looks like it was collaged from a famous painting, it was not what inspired her to follow her calling of art.

When Andra was a child, she was always helping her classmates with their art. It wasn't until her chemistry teacher introduced her class to the opportunity for admission to the high school of the arts that Andra truly felt a calling.

"You know how heroes are called for adventure…this time I could hear the easel calling my name. I remember admiring the paintings hanging on the old walls of the high school. I was still young, but I knew from that moment on that I would pursue my dream of being an artist." - Andra

Of course, the talented Andra was admitted to the school, but the road was not easy. In her very first painting class her art teacher was horrified that she was not able to properly hold the paintbrush. Andra worked hard to learn from and shadow her teacher. Absorbing all of this talent around her, she won a National Art Olympics in 2011 and knew it was time for a new adventure.

Moving to Cluj, the city inspired her and eventually, she ended up in Belgium on a scholarship. It was there that an idea was born. Andra knew her art was taking her in a new direction. She wanted to help people discover there is an artist inside them.

Through teaching classes, Andra was inspired by amazing little girls and... Vivi was born!

Who is Vivi?

She is an artist who wants to spread the joy of drawing and painting.

Motto: “Every child has the spirit of creation. The rubbish of life often exterminates the spirit through plague and a soul’s own wretchedness.” - Peter Paul Rubens

Through Vivi's adventures, children realize that they have the power of creation inside them waiting to be explored. Andra worked with Andreea Dragomir to develop the children's book, Vivi Micuta Artista. It is dedicated to the little girls in her art classes. Each illustration was approved by little girls <3.

Peek inside the book to feel the magic and warmth Andra captures in her art...

Her book will be available next year. For the HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY, Andra is including a stunning, traditionally painted digital calendar featuring Vivi the Little Artist.

If you are interested in purchasing a digital version, you can order from her Facebook page.

To learn more about Andra Pana or Vivi the Little Artist, visit the following links:




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