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The lovely, Lindsay Achtman- Author, Educator, Mommy of TWO!

Meet the next author adding her book to our fabulous giveaway, Lindsay Achtman!

"Books are our passage to unexplored worlds, and our safe places to learn valuable life lessons." - Lindsay Achtman

This amazing woman is one that I have known since we were in high school. Since that time, we have grown but remain with many commonalities. We both were on the Pom-Pon team, both attended Michigan State, and now we both are educators, authors, and mommies of two.

Lindsay is a mom to a beautiful little girl and a BRAND new baby boy! I welcome her into the world of motherhood again. Adjusting with two babies is a magical (and insane) whirlwind!

Lindsay is one of the hardest workers I know. Her mission as a children's author is to inspire adults to read to children early on, even before they can understand words, to teach them to associate reading with love and affection.

Lindsay has published two books: I Hope It's A Puppy! and The Day the Swing Stopped.

This unstoppable author has been featured in the news and in press releases. Her book I Hope It's A Puppy! is a two-time award-winning children's book receiving recognition from the Mom's Choice Awards and national acclaim for the 2019 Cover Design Winner by Kidsshelf books. “I Hope It’s a Puppy” was illustrated by artist Andra Morosan.

(This is how I found the illustrator for my book I'm Just Bad at Math, Andra is unreal!)

Lindsay has offered to add her book, I Hope It's A Puppy! to the giveaway bundle!

When asked about the why behind the book, Lindsay said, “I wrote this story to create a fun bonding experience between a young child and their unborn sibling – a transition that isn't always the easiest and can be difficult to explain. … When people read my story, I want them to laugh and smile from start to finish.”

As you can see, my daughter loved the book and insisted on taking it with us in the car on many trips.

The rhymes are irresistible and she enjoyed guessing which animal came next.

I am so proud to call Lindsay a friend, colleague, and mentor. She has supported me as a self-published author and I would recommend her expertise to anyone.

Lindsay says, "Writing has always been a passion that I have wanted to share with the world." It's amazing to watch her creativity in action.

Whoever our lucky winner of the Holiday Giveaway is, I know you will love her encouraging and fun message as much as I do.

To learn more about Lindsay, click the following links:

Author Website

Author Page on Facebook


Amazon Link to Purchase: I Hope It's A Puppy

Amazon Link to Purchase: The Day the Swing Stopped

<3 Allison

Who will the next featured author be for our Holiday Giveaway? To be continued...

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